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My vlog equipment

A repetitive question that I get from followers and viewers who want to create their own content, is: "What equipment do you use to create your videos". So, here's that list!

The best budget friendly vlogging camera

Canon M50.

PS. You can also buy the newest version called Canon M50 Mark II. The quality is the same, but it has a live function, which is importnant if you are streaming.

Important factors (besides quality image):

This camera gives you great value for the money. I've shot all my vlogs on this camera. It has a screen that you can flip towards you, so can se what you are recording. It also has the possebility to add a proffesional microphone. 

The best lens for vlogging

My choice is the 15-45 mm lens from Canon.

If you're new to the world of cameras, you might not know about lenses, because you are used to the smart camera on your phone, which can film a bird far away in the sky, while also giving you a close up shot of a bee on a flower.

In the digital camera world, we have different lenses for different purposes.

When it comes to vlogging, you want a lens that doesn't "zoom" in on your face. My choice is the 15-45 mm lens from Canon. This is the lens I use on all my vlogs. The lens is not as thick as the standard lens that is provided in the standard kit, and as a vlogger I want to stay as discreet as possible, while I also carry as little weight ass possible, as the camera will be in my hands for hours. 

The best and smalles microphone for vlogging

My choice fell on the Røde videomikro.

If you are going to record sound in your videos, I would recommend you to get an external microphone. The Canon M50 has the option to connect an external microphone, which was one of the reasons I went for that model.

If the sound is bad, it doesn't matter how good the filming is?

The M50 has a microphone built in, but you need to buy a external microphone that can pick up your voice without you standing in the streets screaming. And, most important of all, you need a microphone that doesn't pick up the wind. Trust me, I have filmed once or twice without the mic, and the clips I filming could not be used.

PS. if it's windy outside, you need to use the fluffy cover on your microphone no matter how dumb it may look - or the wind will destroy the video audio. 

The best video editing software

Hitfilm Express.

Do you know how bad the videos are straight out of the camera? You're gonna get a shock. 40% of the job is filming the vlog, 40% is editing what you filmed (cutting, editing the colors, transitions) , and 20% goes down to finding the right background music.

The editing programe I use for my vlogst, is Hitfilm Express. It is free. Like totally free.


Finding the right music, to the right clip, is key. It is not unusal to clip a video to the beats of a great song. I do that all the time.

When it comes to music, I use Epedemic.