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- My first vlog is up on Youtube!

Today, 21.10.2021, I'm finally publishing my first vlog. Finally? Well, I was going to publish my vlog back in April of 2020, but I noticed that due to the pandemic, people were (rightfully so) hating on people who were travelling around the world. Even though my vlogs were filmed 5 months before - late in 2019 - not a single soul would care or even notice that information, and my vlog would just end up getting slaughtered with dislikes and mean comments. I therefor proponed the vlog, and here we are, two years later.

My first (and second) vlog, is from my first trip ever to the city of Barcelona. Note: I have been to Spain multiple times, in fact, I do believe it's the country that I have visited the most (after Italy and France) but Barcelona has never been on the schedule.

I went to Barcelona in the end of September, specifically to visit La Mercè, a festival that went from 20-24 of September.

Here is the result:


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